Why would he make a blog?

I just felt like it. I wanna show of the (mediocre) stuff i make. When i create something i am normally faced with two options:

  1. Clean the repo and create a nice landing page on github with instructions on how to run it yourself.
  2. Just let it die.

Now i have another option: Create a blog post.

Why would he use wordpress?

This is acutally a good question. I would have preferred to use a more advanced system but i have a problem with my Hoster:
It just supports php. Of course, i could set up my own server and just point the DNS record that. I thought about that too. The Problem here ist that BOTH locations where i could leave my server have some kind of carrier-grade NAT. This only leaves renting a server which is something i am just to cheap for right now. Maybe later…

Should i care?

Absolutely not. This is, after all first and foremost for me. I can archive my projects and learn a bit about writing in English. If you would like to read these posts anyway, be my guest.